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Dungeons & Dragons®

Dungeons & Dragons is a fantasy roleplaying game by Wizards of the Coast that involves imagination, creativity, dice, improvisation, and story telling, which makes it perfect to combine with music.

From the 15th April – 13th May 2018 – 7 Musicians, 5 Players, and 2 Dungeon Masters, will take us on a fantastical quest. They will explore, discover, battle, and generally have an adventure through unknown territories.

In 2016 Jason Hodgson composed a one-man percussion opera for Chris Brannick based on a campaign he observed. To date, it is one of his favourite pieces that he has composed. But what if he could take it further? Instead of observing a campaign, and translating to a score for a musician to perform – why not have the musicians there live, as the tale unfolds?

The concert will be performed live in Canterbury at Westgate Hall.  Tickets will be donation only to raise money for The Westgate Hall Trust, and The National Autistic Society.

If you are unable to attend any of the concerts physically, there will also be a virtual link so you can watch the concert live, and not miss a thing.

More details will be posted nearer the time. For now, you can like our page on Facebook to keep up-to-date with news on the project.

If you would like to get involved, or could help support this exciting project, please contact us at:

We would like to thank all those that are supporting this project:

Art of War
Canterbury Christ Church Student Union Raise & Give Society
Canterbury Christ Church Student Union Video Game and Table Top Society
Canterbury Christ Church University Music Society
CoomberSewell Enterprises
Dice & Destiny
Distant Lens Multimedia Company
Level Up Games
Westgate Hall

‘Danni the Dragon’ was created by Harvey Seal

The Crew:

Project Manager/Musical Director – Jason Hodgson
Assistant Musical Director – Elli Rudd
Stage Manager – Ryan White
Assistant Stage Manager – Kiaya Eaton
Dungeon Masters – Nik Bell & Grantt Ennis
Director of Film – Sebastian Johnson
Senior Technician – TBC
Assistant Technician – TBC
Resident Artist – Harvey Seal
Head of Donations – Canterbury Christ Church Student Union Raise & Give Society
Head of Social Media – Paula L, Riley Styles