The Performers

We at Adventurers & Artists are very proud to present to you our Performers:

(Character Profiles by Georgina Haynes)

David Moore as Goald of Zahl

About David

David Moore

I have managed to get involved in the project in so many ways I am generally getting confused as to which hat I am wearing! As the owner of Dice and Destiny I was from the start a keen supporter. As I got more involved we looked at using the Westgate Hall as our venue as I am general manger there and it fitted with our charitable aims. Then finally I am one of our players as well.

I have loved DnD form a young age and have recently got back into playing the game regularly after a hiatus. In the last year or two I have been in up to 3 different campaigns in a week with a variety of characters. Now my focus is solely on the AnA campaign.

About Goald


Goald of Zahl

Goald of Zahl bardl extraordinaire! A drow that was raised in an orphanage. Goald has long been used to performing to make ends meet and entertain his peers. At a young age he became a smash hit for his poem “One and Only Love”, which combined with his natural good looks and charm propelled him to fame. Unfortunately, this was not to last the money dried up and the fame was only fleeting. Now years later, while still barding Goald has taken up adventuring in the quest to find that story that will again bring him the adulation of the masses. Goald is only here to reclaim his rightful place as bard extraordinaire. All this adventuring and fighting is for the little people in the party not for him to get his hands dirty with, oh no. Yet still as with everything not everyone is as skilled and talented as Goald so sometimes he will have to step in and save the day. If he can do it without a fight all the better.

Mary Anne Ewing-Patterson as Daisy Crayfoot

About Marry Anne

Marry Anne Ewing-Patterson

My name’s Mary Anne Ewing-Patterson. I’ve been playing DnD for almost a year now, but have Role-Played on and off over online games since I met my husband, Gareth Patterson. I work part time for a Distance Learning school as a content writer and editor. The rest of my spare time I spend in DnD, Starfinder, running, or looking after my 2-year-old. I heard about the AnA via Facebook and was immediately interested in having more reasons for playing DnD, especially for a good cause. I auditioned as a performer and was accepted. So far, I’ve been finding the collaboration between experienced players and GMs very rewarding. It’s great to create a fantastic story between us. I’m excited to be at the start of something that I hope will continue

every year for years to come.

About Daisy Crowfoot

Daisy Crayfoot

When orcs swept through her home, Daisy Crayfoot lost her family as they fled in the chaos that followed. Daisy, alone and hungry in a hostile new world, had to rely on her wits, scavenging and scrapping with the creatures that she knew she could beat. Eventually, she was discovered by the new orc settlers, but accepted as a pet of sorts for her scrappiness and determination. Years with the orc savages meant that she grew a thick skin of literal dirt and began to forget the details of her childhood, her name, her family and even her favourite sweet treat! She no longer minds the grime of a life outdoors and wears sturdy, functional rags. The once freckled, blue eyed, redhead is barely recognisable as a civil halfling anymore.

Once the orc settlers decided that Daisy was one of them, they lovingly renamed her MoMo because of her incessant appetite for life and food. She turned from her orc family once she realised the devastation they had wrecked upon her homeland and their unnecessary cruelty to each other. She left her old lands and can now be found wandering the wilds in search for her next meal.

It was in these wilds that she discovered the spirit of the badger and decided to emulate the animal’s strength and determination. She understands that fighting is something that must only happen when you must eat, but she relishes the opportunity to practice her bloody craft.

Gareth Patterson as Roskov

About Gareth

Gareth Patterson

Hello my name is Gareth and ever since my first character, a half-elf fighter mage was eaten by a red dragon in 1994, I’ve been playing D&D and similar games.  I’m a performer for AnA which is a fancy way of saying I play with dice and spout nonsense in bad accents while other people do all the real work.

I got involved with the project after volunteering during a casting call at Canterbury’s local gaming shop – Dice and Destiny and so far, no one has managed to get rid of me no matter how many dice I hoard.  I live in Canterbury with my wife and 2 year old son who brings a new meaning to the phrase “wandering monster”.

In my spare time I like to play more games than a grown man should, procrastinate about publishing the novel I once wrote and pet cats.

About Roskov


An exiled son of the mountain, Roskov is a sturdy looking, but not exceptionally large hill dwarf.  Having heard the call of the spirits in his youth he embraced the druidic arts at the feet of his mentors who included an elder druid, an ancient treant and a five hundred year old squirrel named Pretzel.

Dun Diggin dwarves rarely leave their homes but at times the spirits of the mountain will call them to leave their ancient lands and go out into the world.  Sometimes they are even good enough to tell the Dwarf why they must leave their homeland. Roskov is not so fortunate, having been told he must venture into the greater world but not told why.

Those who encounter him will see a pale skinned dwarf with jet black hair and a great full beard stretching down below the neck.  Roskov is a jovial sort, always finding new wonders in the world but convinced, almost to the point of arrogance that the ways of his people are wiser and better than anything else.  Their magic is better, their customs are better, their music is better; even their beer is better (it’s the acorns!)

He is usually dressed in animal furs and carries a thick club of sanctified pine wood.  Numerous charms are worn around his neck and wrists and braided into his hair.

Connor Brew as Magnus

About Connor

Connor Brew

Hi my name is Connor, and I am the player of the happy-go-lucky character Magnus Liadon. I joined the project as I’ve been a lifelong fan of DnD, yet rarely had the chance to experience DnD personally. I thought this would be an excellent way to get further involved with DnD, and give me a chance to really flex my limited preforming abilities, and thinking skills. Prior to joining as a player, my experience of DnD was limited to being a DM for several separate games. However I also was the original creator and founder of the Dungeons and Dragons Society at Canterbury Christ Church University, which I currently run as Vice-President. I enjoy the interesting concept that the concert puts forward, as music can really change how something is experience, I also can’t wait to play with more experienced players and DM.

About Magnus

Magnus (and Azzy)

Magnus was born to a High elf mother and a Drow father. He lived a life of luxury for his early years. However one day his family discovered that Magnus’s ‘imaginary friend’ was actually a daemon in his head trying to possess him. His family secreted him away to a monastery to hide this fact and save the family name.

Starting age 4, Magnus spent the next 13 years learning the art of meditation, martial combat, and various studies on magic and history. Excelling at all parts, Magnus began to delve into more knowledge about Daemons and the Abyss. The Daemon occasionally tried to trick, manipulate or control Magnus to follow a more evil path, but always failed, but after discovering that the Daemon had no real power, he befriended him quickly. He learned that the Daemon was called Araxandeus, but Magnus just calls him Azzy. However one day Magnus had to flee the monastery after the Daemon claimed his life was in danger with all honesty. Magnus remembers nothing of that day, but he awoke in a small hamlet near the monastery with a strange mask, and the threat of the monks chasing him down.

Magnus maintains a permanently happy-go-lucky attitude, and prefers diplomacy over force, to the point that he took a vow to never to kill anyone, as all life is sacred, if sometimes misguided. His current goal is to discover why the monastery wants him dead, and what this strange mask does. All while trying to find best friends for Azzy and spreading a mandate of peace across the land

Colin Johnson on Bassoon

Colin Johnson

I’m Colin, and I’m one of the musicians on this project. I play the bassoon, a wind instrument which has a long history. The modern bassoon is the latest in a long line of “double-reed” instruments, where you make sound by blowing between two reeds and then changing the note and sound by opening and closing holes on the instrument. As well as being an important instrument in classical music – Vivaldi and Mozart wrote famous bassoon music, and Stravinsky’s “Rite of Spring” opens with a striking bassoon solo – it has been used in many other styles of music. I’m particularly interested in improvised music, where the focus is often on sound, texture, and “musical storytelling” as much as on details of notes and harmony. This is what drew me to this project – and opportunity to take inspiration from a different kind of storytelling and improvisation, and to be provoked into new ideas for making sounds and music.

Jacob Lewis on Viola

Jacob Lewis

I’m a Viola player currently attending Simon Langton Boys Sixth Form. Being both an avid Dungeons and Dragons player and musician I’ve found this project a brilliant synthesis of the two. Being classically trained, it’s been a major transition to the style of improvisation that’s accompanying our adventures. I’ve very much enjoyed the process and used it to explore worlds of sound that I haven’t had the opportunity to travel through our music. It’s been amazing developing music with the players, expanding and evolving my range of motifs to match the tone and atmosphere of the adventure. In addition I’ve found the relationship between player expression, whether vocal or through body language, and musical particularly interesting and it’s played a substantial

part in my artistic process.

Sam O’Slatra on Electronics

Sam O’Slatra

I’m a Creative adventurer, with a love of sound, vision, and multi sensory experiences, I have a particular penchant for the quirky, bizarre, surreal or plain weird.

I’ve worked with-and continue to explore-a number of points of interests in the Visual Arts, as well as enthusiastically dabbling with sound and music. I love writing, whether it’s stories, prose, little vignettes of gibberish-or lyrics that feed into my goofing about as a vocalist/ rapper/ rambler.

I’m a self confessed introvert, get a buzz from performing, actively dislike audience participation (if I’m in the audience), acronyms and long, pointless forms. I became involved with this project, because it sounded really interesting, has given  me scope for working in different ways than I have before-and is ultimately helping some good causes.