The Team

Below you will find information about the team that make Adventurers & Artists possible.

Jason Hodgson –
Project Manager/Musical Director

Jason Hodgson – Project Manager & Musical Director

The seed for this project was planted whilst I was composing a one-man percussion-opera A Mummer’s Farce (2015) based on a Dungeons & Dragons® Campaign I observed. This led to a discussion with one of my friends about the possibility of using musicians to interpret and react to a LIVE session of Dungeons & Dragons®. It was then placed into a notebook, where it didn’t see the light of day until July 2017. I’m the Project Manager and Musical Director, which in a nut-shell means that it is my role to oversee the project, and guide the team, and push them to be their very best creative selves. I’m not going to say much about me as this page is really for shining a light on the talents that are making this project possible. If you wish to read more about what I do outside of Adventurers & Artists, you can check out my About Page. As cheesy as that sounds, this project really is about community. For starters, whilst I like to think I’m the one organising everyone, I feel that it’s more than likely it’s Elli and the other Heads of Departments that are doing the real hard work. I cannot wait to see all their hard work pay off when the concerts begin!

Elli Rudd –
Assistant Project Manager/Assistant Musical Director

Elli Rudd – Assistant Project Manager & Assistant Musical Director

Hi there! My name is Elli and I am the Assistant Project Manager of Adventurers & Artists. This venture is super exciting for me as, coming from an administrative background with some experience in music, I am exploring a whole new world of fantasy role playing and live experimental music. Generally, my role involves a lot of proof reading, liaising with various team members and running around after the Project Manager (he’s lovely really!) but I tend to bring to the project a level-headed sense of organisation, a keen eye and being a stickler for deadlines. Outside of Adventurers & Artists (oh my goodness, I have a life too!) I am a trainee dental nurse, volunteer as a Sergeant (ATC) in the Air Training Corps, sing in a choir and administrate two choirs. In short, life is never dull! I hope you find all the information you’re looking for on the website and if not then feel free to drop us a line; I look forward to seeing you at one of the live events!

Nik Bell –
Co-Dungeon Master

Nik Bell – Co-Director

I’m both a lover of geography and of geek culture. It’s this love of the study of worlds that lead me to create new worlds in Dungeons & Dragons® as a Dungeon Master.

Ranging from vast cities of bronze and stone to the dense strange forests of the Fey, I aim to craft worlds into the imaginations of my players. I take the role of Co-Dungeon Master in Adventures & Artists and am excited to craft a new world to both the minds of the players and the audience taking inspiration from great Dungeon Masters such as Matthew Mercer, Chris Perkins and Matt Colville. I’ve had a diverse career in Radio, YouTube, Streaming, Business, Public Speaking, Teaching and am currently teaching Geography in secondary schools where I run a Dungeons & Dragons® club for young players inspiring a new generation of gamers as well as developing their social, literacy and numeracy skills.

Thomas Hearn –
Head of Film

Thomas Hearn –
Head of Film

I joined this project as I thought that it had a very interesting stance on Dungeons & Dragons® (a game I have loved for some time now). I hope to give my all and am pleased that we are supporting The National Autistic Society, as well as out local Westgate Hall Trust that provides support to the community and other charities.

Outside of Adventurers & Artists, I am in my final year of studying Film, Radio, and Television at Canterbury Christ Church University. Beyond that, I have 7 years experience in Film Production, and 2 years in Live Television Production.

In my spare time I build computers, and have been a director, editor, and a sound designer in previous projects, which means I understand what I am looking of in both practical and technical applications.

My job will be in making sure that the resources hit the requirements, and finding those capable and skilled in the art of documenting and filming this concert series.

If you have any ideas, skills or resource to contribute, I’m all ears!

Alexandra Clifford –
Stage Manager/Head of Social Media

Alexandra Clifford –
Stage Manager/Head of Social Media

I’m a third-year History student at Canterbury Christ Church University, and I love all things Dungeons & Dragon® and all things musical! I’m also President and founding member of the Canterbury Christ Church Student Union’s Dungeons & Dragon® Society, which is how I became involved with the project.


Jason approached us and now so many of our members are involved too! I’v had so many amazing creative opportunities because of it, including running performance workshops, devising social media marketing plans, and being in charge of a stage! I can’t wait to see the finished project.

Lex Atzori –

Lex Atzori – Stagehand

Hey peeps! I’m Lex Atzori, stagehand for the amazing Adventurers & Artists concert series.

I am really proud to be part of this project as I am an avid consumer of geek media and I have a strong love for all forms of art. I am a Dungeons and Dragons player myself, and well my dear character Floki is quite the crazy pirate.

I first joined the project when our fierce leader (read Jason Hodgson) contacted the CCCU Dungeons and Dragons Society to collaborate with him as I’m the current treasurer for the society; I fell so in love with the idea that I kinda weaselled myself in the role of stage hand.

I have taken part in various school theatre projects before starting University and I’ve wanted to be able to do more artsy stuff for a while. My current role is to support the team in making sure that everything runs smoothly and as planned, and if I might say I’m surrounded by an excellent group of people who’re always ready to put in the hard work and that are the most awesome humans!

Outside of the project (as you might see from my picture), I am an Archaeology and Forensic Investigation student with a main focus on the study and identification of human remains, generally nerdy and with a passion for all forms of stage performance (even though I prefer to work from the shadows of the backstage); oh, and I’m probably a lost member of the Addams Family as I do have a passion for dark and gloomy themes, topics and music!

I am extremely grateful to be part of this project as it’s a great idea, supporting great charities and giving a platform for so many amazing people to show off their beautiful art and amazing skills!

Grantt Ennis –
Campaign Consultant

Grantt Ennis – Campaign Consultant

I started playing Dungeons & Dragon® back in 1987, and haven’t stopped since. I lead countless players to their grisly demise, and seen countless others save kingdoms, slay evil villains and become legends. With a strong belief in the community, I have helped build numerous clubs and groups, encouraging as many people as I can to play games, particularly roleplaying games, and have left a tide of happy, converted gamers in my wake.<

In the real world, my wife and I own and run Art of War Studios, which manufactures tabletop gaming accessories, and the youtube channel Game On!, which hosts live play role-playing games, battle reports and more. I have also worked on games design, written and published a few bits here and there, and even spent a few years teaching english at secondary school. You may have seen me on Beasts of War, a popular wargaming channel, or Don’t Tell the Bride, a BBC reality TV series in which I had three weeks to plan and execute his wedding. Yes; I’m a madman.

Whatever free time I manage to get is spent either pursuing his hobbies of painting and tabletop gaming, or with his family, hiking around the beautiful Kent countryside and continually marvelling at what new things his dogs find to roll in.

Being a self-confessed narcissist, I’ve always wanted to have my own personal musical score for my games. There was no way I’d turn down the chance to work with such a talented group to create something so unique and interesting, while also doing something that I love! I imagine that a troupe of misfits and rogues such as ourselves will ensure that this is a concert to be remembered…

Harvey Seal –
Head of Art & Design

Harvey Seal – Head of Art & Design

I joined this project somewhat accidentally after drawing a small doodle of a dragon playing a flute and showing it to Jason – this dragon later came to be known as Danni the Dragon (named so both for their gender-neutral nature and as a form of onomatopoeia) and became the official mascot of Adventurers & Artists. It has since been my job to draw any new Danni art that is needed and also to gather and oversee the other artists on the project such as our poster artist, the lovely Asuka Young, and my long-time friend and humanoid character designer, Georgina Haynes.

During this project, I have had an opportunity to develop my style further with each Danni the Dragon drawing and in designing for different purposes e.g. for posters, leaflets and blog posts; also interest in Danni has brought more interest in my personal work and has led to an increasing number of commissions.

I am thankful for the opportunities Adventurers & Artists has given me; Also, as an avid Dungeons & Dragons player myself, I enjoy seeing the concert take shape and I highly anticipate what our team of Dungeon Masters, role players and musicians have in store.

Asuka Young –
Resident Artist: Digital Design

Asuka Young – Resident Artist: Digital Design

I chose the role of this project as a digital designer to help promote the event to the right audience using my design skills, in order to maximise donations made for the chosen charities.  I aim to shape the project’s brand and visual output to its audience using the right kind of typography, clear layout and house colors that other artists and team members also approve of. It motivates me that the charities we are going to fundraise for are the national autistic society and the Westgate Hall, as one of them is something local that I can give back to, and the other is a personally important cause that I have a deep understanding of.

I am very grateful to have had this opportunity to contribute to this wonderful project with some amazing, talented personnel.

Georgina Haynes –
Resident Artist: Portrait

Georgina Haynes – Resident Artist: Portrait

I’m Georgina Haynes, a Creative Writing master’s student at Canterbury Christ Church University. I’m also a freelance illustrator, and I draw a lot of Dungeons & Dragons® characters. I’ve been playing Dungeons & Dragons® for about a year and a half, and I recently began running my first campaign as a Dungeon Master. That gnome in the big orange glasses is my current player character, a rogue named Rosie Spectro. She sells ‘magic’ rocks. They’ll cure what ails ya.

I will be creating illustrations of Adventurers & Artists‘ Player Characters. ‘Real-play’ tabletop RPG shows like Critical Role and The Adventure Zone make me wish every Dungeons & Dragons® campaign had musical accompaniment; it’s rad that Adventurers & Artists will have its own (totally improv) soundtrack!

Shannon Clarke –
Social Media Assistant

Shannon Clarke –
Social Media Assistant

I’m pretty much the newbie here, both to the A&A team and to Dungeons & Dragons. After I was asked to join the team, I knew instantly that I wanted to help out, mostly because I think A&A is a great idea for an amazing cause but partially because I love dragons and think Danni is adorable.

I started playing Dungeons & Dragons about 7 months ago after my housemate was talking so passionately about playing D&D that everyone in the conversation joined the CCCU Dungeons & Dragons Society the next day. I’ve really enjoyed my experiences as a player so far and am looking forward to many more adventures.

Outside of A&A and D&D, I’m a 3rd year Geography student at Canterbury Christ Church University and for work I help to promote university in schools across Kent. I love all things geeky and have a passion for music, motorsport and travelling!